Welcome to Pen-to-Paper!!

My name is “Pen”ny Scribbles.

Pen-to-Paper is a blog I made to gives tips to writers all over the world. There will be books reviews and more. Also Quote of the week and much more. I say ‘and more’ alot because I don’t know what will be in store for you or myself.

A little about me. My real name isn’t Penny Scribbles. It’s a small pen name I go by. I started writing and reading at the age of about three. Of course it was small books and little words. As I got older, I got into chapter books and then novels. I’m a teen now.

Writing and reading is a sense of escapement, freedom, and power to me. I escape reality and travel to Rome, England, France, Canada, and so much more. I sometimes I go meet Peter Pan in Neverland. Oh the endless possibilities to writing, excites me. I hope you feel as passionate of reading and writing as much as I do.

I’m not going to lie; I’m a huge nerd and kind of weird. I lay low and tried not to get notice even though I crave it. I get empowered by every word I write. I’m just empty if I don’t write and read.

I think words are powerful. I think the pen is mightier than any sword. I think superheroes are the awesomest people on the world. I know ‘awesomest’ isn’t a word but frankly I don’t care. In my dictionary every word, everyone says, is a word including ‘aren’t’, ‘gonna,’ and more.

So I’m not going to bore you with my life or words anymore. I just hope someone is reading this.


Have any comment or question please see below or e-mail me at Weird_Nerd@yahoo.com


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