Coming Up With Ideas

Most of my friends are writers and some ask me ‘how can I come up with a story idea?’ So I decided to give some tips to them and everyone else.

Although you could just put together an idea of glittering vampires and humans falling for them in about ten second, you want something that suits you; that you enjoy writing. If vampires and werewolves aren’t your thing, are you really going to write about them?

There are different ways to create an idea; sometimes it starts with the characters or just the idea. No matter the way you start, you’ll get somewhere. If you have old notes from previous ideas or a binder of weird ideas, maybe you want to read over them. One small thing can possibly turn into the best idea ever. You can maybe even blend them together to get a new idea. I’m guilty of keeping old papers in my writing binder and once in a while reading over them.

Some people get them from dreams or a weird conversation they overheard or had. Most of the time, I’m walking somewhere and I start to think of thinks. Maybe a quiet place will help you think of new ideas. Some get ideas just out of the blue, they are distract by school work or something and gets an idea. You could also make your dream book. Like things you’d wish was real, places you wants to go, guys/girls you’ve always wanted to know and things you wish would never happen to you. If that doesn’t work, turn to your shelves of books and movies for inspiration. Get an idea from the movie or book and put in your own stuff in it.

When I say go get inspiration from books or movies. I don’t mean copy it. I don’t think people need another Twilight remake where the boy falls for a vampire girl and is in a love triangle with a wolf or the girl falls for a wolf. We really don’t need that. If all books were a new version of a great book, readers will get super bored. Maybe pick a bunch you like and make a list on why you like them. In one book you like the sweet type so you know you want a sweet person in your books. In another you like the futuristic theme so you could use a futuristic world. Maybe you the like the old fashion war type where Hitler was there, like The Book Thief, and you want to do something like that. Just do it your way and with some of your old ideas and you’d get a great idea that you and others will love.

Maybe getting a friend’s idea isn’t so bad unless you like to write about something different. Don’t try to please others. Please yourself. You have to be passionate about it because publishers can smell that you’re not confident with your own book. Please, please only yourself when writing. Yes, it’s good to get ideas from others but not when you don’t enjoy writing about them. Writing is supposed to be fun not filled with boredom that you want to just stop.

So if you still can’t think of ideas, go get ice-cream, eat it out the carton and think. It will come.

Got a comments or questions or ideas on the next tip, tell me below or e-mail me at Thanks for reading.



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