Overcoming Writer’s Block

Of course, writer’s block killed us all. Even Professional Authors gets writers block.

I hate writer’s block. I never got it before but one day, I was in the middle of a chapter of my book and I couldn’t think of what to do next. I was blank. Usually, my mind was never blank. It had something in there at all times but surprisingly I couldn’t think. So here are some tips to pass the fog.

Internet. Usually the Internet is full of information. Search up history, like the titanic or the wars. Read books online. Although you may have writer’s block, some other is coming up with great ideas. Maybe even copy some but put in your own things. No plagiarism. Some good sites are Wattpad or Miss Literati and many others.

An Object. All novels have an object to represent their books. For example, in The Hunger Games, the mocking jay pin Madge gives Katniss is a symbol of her defiance and rebellion against the Capitol. Pick an object in your house or anywhere. Like a necklace past down from generations and maybe you can get a story from that.

Music. Any known music can make ideas pop into your head. I usually like to powerful and motivating music so I’d get ideas. But any song will do.

Just Write. The fog will probably go away. Fictionwriting.about.com says it best, “There is a time and place for criticism: it’s called editing.”

Set Goals. Maybe set a goal a week. First week can be write 1 to 2 pages that week and progress as it goes on. Just don’t be hard on yourself. Everyone gets writer’s block.

Take Breaks and Reward yourself. Usually ice cream is really good.

So there you have it, the Penny way. Tell me what you think and share Pen-to-Paper.

Got a question, ask below or email me at Weird_Nerd@yahoo.com


~Penny Scribbles.


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