In Writing, Looks Count

Many people struggle to describe their character’s looking in their books or short stories. Here are some Dos and Don’ts to describe your character’s looking into your book without it being weird or boring.
Don’t: Don’t just put the character’s looks into paragraph sloppily to get it done with. We all know you’re excited to move on and show others what you have in store but the readers won’t want to read on if they don’t have a good vision of what the character looks like.
Example: Margot has dark brown hair that turned a bit light from the beach in the summer. Her eyes were blue; the shade of the sky. Her hair was long than she liked it to be and her skin was leathery and tan also from the sun.
That I think was sloppy. You’re everywhere and do you have a great picture from that?
Do: Do try to give your readers a visional of your characters but also sprinkle your description throughout the book.
Example: Beads of sweat ran down Margot’s forehead; she was nervous. Her coffee stain hair stuck to her skin. She ran the band of her hand over her forehead and began to finish the test.
Of course you’ll have to add more of your character’s looks as the story goes on.
Don’t: Do not, and I repeat, do not us parentheses or dashes.
Example: Margot wiped the sweat from her forehead as she struggled to answer the next question. (Her coffee stained color hair was hanging around her shoulders. It was longer then she likes. Her sky blue eyes stood out from her suntanned skin.)
Do: Do (Ha-ha do-do! :P) remember that not all books describe what their characters look like. Some authors like the readers to use their imagination. Maybe one reader will think of “Margot” how you think of her. Brown long hair with blue eyes surrounded by tanned skin. Another might think of her as a blonde hair girl with sparkling brown eyes and fair white skin. Authors like to use that because it gives the readers creativity and freedom and participation in you book.
Just be creativity and have fun with writing. I hope you decide however you like it done. You can skip out on the description or even tell the readers how they look but don’t do it sloppy.
Got a question, ask it below or email me at
~Penny Scribbles.


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