Top 4 Wonderland Places to Get Inspired

The snow falls; the trees, houses, cars are covered in fresh snow. Yes it’s that time of the year. WINTER! But personally, I dislike snow. It’s too cold and wet but I like the crunch it makes when I step on it.

Look outside. What do you see? Snow? Blue clear skies? Kids having fun in the fresh snow? I see inspiration. It’s time to get your jacket, hat, and gloves; grab a pen and paper (or laptop if the weather allows it) and get inspired at these winter wonderland places.

1. Barnes&Nobles, Starbucks. Not only are these places warm, they full of inspiration waiting to be sparked. In Barn es&Nobles (or any book store) walk around with about million books around you. But don’t freak out by all the books (guilt is charged), you don’t know who’s watching. In Starbucks (or any coffee cafe) grab coffee or a hot chocolate and study your surroundings. Outside it’s cold but inside it’s toasty. Peppermint and gingerbread in the air. Others at tables talk and you tried to listen in or read their minds.

2. The Park. Although it is cold and wet, take a walk in park. Write about the change in scenery. Trees covered with snow, footprints leading to their next adventure, and the lack of life making it peaceful.

3. Ice Rinks. Who doesn’t love to go ice skating withe their friends? Observe others while you are there. Spark a love story with couple holding hands or an ice skating competion or hockey games between rivals.

4. Indoor. Hmmm. My favorite. Sit in the warm house by the fire and write. Think of some holiday tradition and write a story around them. Does your family bake cookes for Santa? Or do they go overboard with lights? Discuss how some traditions started and write memorable moments with them?

Which winter wonderland gets you inspired? Share them below.
Got any questions or suggestion? Put them below or email me at


~Penny Scribbles.


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