Holiday Break Guide

I’m late on this but oh we’ll.

Of course, some of us would rather be lazy (so guilty!) and like to watch tv or sleep in. (Take me to jail!) Instead do things you’ve wanted to do but never had time for it. Spend your break with these fun productive activities.

Read.. Catch up on your reading list by reading the first book on the top of your list. (Not going to lie. I haven’t read a book this month yet. [except wattpad which some people are great writers on there. Now reading The Surgeon by Francis Smith])

Work on Your Novel. Of course! Perfect time to relax, sit down and writes. No matter if your just starting or are trying to create the perfect ending, spend the break thinking, writing and re-writing.

Edit. No one wants to publish a book with a bunch of error and/or mistakes. Break out your red pen and fix the errors. Try to print your novel and mark the mistakes with a pen. Some times reading it in a different form will help you notice errors you may have missed on you device.

Get inspired.. The best ways to write an enticing and meaningful story is to have inspiration. Don’t wait for it to find you.

Book Club. if you have to, start a new book club. Gather with your friends and discuss a book over a snack. Even share writing ideas.

Relax. Writing and reading are a form of relaxation but sometimes you need a proper relaxation. Go enjoy something else. See a movie. Take a long bubble bath. Go shopping. Try things you never done before. Spend a day learning now to cook or take up a hobby like DIY projects.

How are you spending your break? Got a question. Or suggestion? Ask it below or email me at


~Penny Scribbles.


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