Moon – film review

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“Starting a story is easy.  Finishing it is not.”  – Me.

“A story goes like this:  Have a character.  Put him up a tree.  Throw rocks at him as he tries to get down.  Eventually, he needs a ladder to get down.  But if that ladder doesn’t make sense, your story sucks.”  – a college screenwriting teacher I had back about ’85.


It’s the future.  Close to 2100, to be exact.  Sam Bell works for a company that harvests Helium-3, an abundant Moon mineral, because it’s a cheap, easy fuel supply that solves our planet’s energy woes.  All Sam has to do is drive big-ass trucks to machines built by Lunar Industries that scoop up the rocks, pack them into rockets, and send them back to Earth.  We avoid global warming, people save money, everyone wins, except Sam, who is handsomely paid for signing over three years of his life…

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