Creating a Fan Base

Publishers are looking for authors who has created a fan base. Having a large fan base before your novel is published is creating a way to show publisher that your novel will earn a spot on any bestseller.

Blog. Creating a blog is easy. (I should know.) Create a blog on WordPress (if you already haven’t), blogger, and/or Tumblr. Your blog can consist of book reviews, writing tips, chapter excerpts, and much more. If readers love your blog, they’ll love to get your book.

Social Media. Making a social media is a great way to promote your writing. It is also a great way to connect with followers on Twitter and authors everywhere on Facebook. Relate to them by telling them what’s going on and how your writing is.

Miss Literati. On the website, Miss Literati you are not only creating a fan base, you are also making reader want your book. On Miss Lit, writers/readers reads your book and can comment on it. Plus publishers love to Google your name, if it says you got Story of the Year or won a contest, they will love to publish your book.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Whelp, bye.


~Penny Scribbles.


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