Between trying to find an original idea, to suffering from writer’s block, completing just one novel can take forever. Could you imagine writing over 40 novels? We got to chat with the talented Lisa T. Bergren about how she came up with the idea for her newest novel, REMNANTSSEASON OFWONDER, how she finds inspiration and more helpful tips you won’t want to miss! 

MISS LITERATI: How did you come up with the premise for REMNANTS:SEASON OF WONDER?

LISA T. BERGREN: I love epic stories and also love the idea that we are all born unique, with our own gifts. As I started to think about writing a dystopian novel, but also incorporate hope, it seemed like a natural connection.


MISS LITERATI: When did you decide that you wanted REMNANTS to be a series?

LISA T. BERGREN: It was always too big of a story for a stand-alone novel. I knew it’d need to be a trilogy.


MISS LITERATI: There was so much suspense throughout the novel! Can you give our users advice on how they can add suspense to their novels?

LISA T. BERGREN: I’ve read advice from other editors and writers who say you should have some sort of tension on every page (emotional, physical, relational, etc), and when things are lagging, have the worst possible thing happen to your characters, and watch them dig themselves out.


MISS LITERATI: From forests to deserts, we loved reading about all of the different locations in the novel! How do you go about describing these destinations?

LISA T. BERGREN: I was trying to visualize a world that had been impacted by war, nuclear fall-out, and climate change. I had a cross between the “Mad Max” movies and medieval life when it came to describing villages and cities. The locales themselves were loosely based on the SW United States.


MISS LITERATI: We can’t wait for Remnants: Season of Fire to come out in January! Can you tell us what we could expect from book two of the series?

LISA T. BERGREN: Things get rough for our Remnants in book two (thus the name). They are put through terrible trials. But things get more exciting too.


MISS LITERATI: We loved getting to know your characters. What goes into character development?

LISA T. BERGREN: I’m so glad. I like to develop characters that the reader will care about and therefore will laugh and cry with them. I hope I’m successful at that. When I laugh and cry with them, I think I have a better chance at my readers feeling the same.


MISS LITERATI: What do you hope readers get out of your novel?

LISA T. BERGREN: A solid understanding that we’re ALL born to make the world a better place, and we’re all gifted, as the Remnants are.


MISS LITERATI: One of our users wants to know what inspired you to be a writer?

LISA T. BERGREN: I always loved books and writing. I was the kid who stayed up late, reading under the covers with a flashlight. To share my stories and have somebody else actually care about reading them is hugely gratifying.


MISS LITERATI: You’ve written over 40 books! How do you get inspiration to write? Do you ever experience writer’s block?

LISA T. BERGREN: I suffer from writer’s laziness, but hardly ever a block. I just have to get my rear-end in the chair, computer on, soundtrack playing in my ears and I roll forward!


MISS LITERATI: What are some of your favorite YA novels?

LISA T. BERGREN: Ooo, good question. Some of my favorites: DIVERGENT (trilogy), ELEANOR & PARKTHE FAULT IN OUR STARS, and SHADOW AND BONE

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~Peggy S. Walker (Changed my penname!)


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