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This book is called Earth by Taeya Adams. It sounds good to me. 


Since the 1900’s a dome stood over head, watching and protecting New York. Now it traps its people leaving them to die.

For all of Forres Tanner’s life, she got her medicine the easy way and went through doctor after doctor. Her latest doctor, Doctor Greene, decides to have fun and make a four level game for her. Forres would have to look for her medicine in the big maze of New York before time is up.


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If not, sorry for wasting your time. 


Resolutions Writers Should Have

New Years it here!! We all were counting down but now we have leave behind 2013. And we have to embrace a new year full of new hopes and dreams. We all have resolutions we’ve want to make 2014 the best. Here are some resolutions every writer should have.

Writer’s Block. When you’re staring at a blank screen or paper with no idea of what to write next, you’ll soon procrastinate and leave your story until you get inspired. Don’t let Writer’s Block get you down this year. Even if the idea isn’t original, write it down. Try even to write some short stories to inspire you. “You might not write well everyday, but you can edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page..” ~Jodi Piccoult

Finish a Novel. Sometimes we have so many ideas that we can’t help but stop in the middle of a story and begin another one. Problem is we leave a bunch of unfinished novels behind. Who wants to read or even published a half of a novel? It’s okay to write more than one book at a time but don’t forget your other work.

Write Everyday. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a chapter or writing a blog, any form of writing is helpful. Everyone needs to work at his or her hobby. Practice makes perfect. Even if you aren’t publishing your writing, it will help improve your future works.

Don’t Let Negative Criticism Bring You Down. Writing is really hard to do. What one person considers a masterpiece, one may not. If someone does like your novel, see if you should make their adjustments to your novel. Don’t take it to heart if someone doesn’t like your novel; they could be helping you instead of hurting you. VISA Versa too.

Make Time to Read. Reading will not only help inspire you, but it will also help you recognize grammar error and will improve your writing style.

Write Every Chance You Get. Never turn down the opportunity to sharpen your skills.

Try Something New. Are you hopeless romantic who only writes love story? Or are you a crazy nut case who only writes creepy stories like Stephen King? (Just kidding but I’m guilty in this) Step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Write a sy-fly novel or reserch and create a historical fiction novel. You could find out you have a talent or passion for something new.

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